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Strategie Adviseurs – Bedrijfsadviseurs 

General Business Terms and Conditions (TC)

General Business Terms & Conditions of “Fred Stronk – Strategy Consultants” , Glonntalstrasse 12 a, D-85253 Erdweg, Germany (version effective from May 01, 2010)

If wished, the General Business Terms and Conditions will be send anytime. 


The General Business Terms & Conditions apply for contracts between “Fred Stronk – Strategy Consultants” and its customers unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing or prescribed by law. Upon placing an order, the Client automatically acknowledges and approves these General Business Terms & Conditions, which will remain in force for the duration of the business relationship. These apply only for the order to which they pertain. The business terms and conditions of the Client do not apply, even when these are not expressly rejected by “Fred Stronk – Strategy Consultants”.